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Sugar Facts:

"The two major types of refined sugar produced in the United States are cane sugar and beet sugar. Most cane sugar uses a filtering process made from cow bones whereas beet sugar does not."

"Beet sugar refineries never use a bone char filter in processing because this type of sugar does not require an extensive decolorising procedure. Beet sugar can be refined with a pressure lead filter and an ion exchange system. Western Sugar Co. uses lime as a filter."

"Cane sugar and beet sugar cost, look and taste the same and are nutritionaly eqivalent as well. The production and sale of each type of sugar are approximately equal."

Following info was included in the article and came from an article by Caroline Pyevich entitled; "Sugar and other sweeteners: Do they contain animal products?"(Vegitarian Journal: excerpts March/April 1997)

1.The number one and number two U.S. manufacturers of sugar Domino and Savannah Foods respectively, both use bone char in the filtration of cane sugar.

2.Califorina and Hawaiian Brands of sugar both use bone char to process brown sugar, powdered sugar and white sugar.

3. Bones from cows are the only type used to make bone char. According to the Sugar Association and several large sugar producers, all the cows have died of natural causes and do not come from the U.S. meat industry.

4. Bone char cannot be produced or bought in the U.S.. Bone char is derived from the bones of cattle from Afghanistan, Argentina, India and Pakistan. The sunbleached bones are bought by Scottish, Brazilian adn Egyptian maketers, who sell them to the U.S. sugar industry after the bones are first used by the gelatin industry.

5. Bones are heated to an ectreamely high tempreture, which results in a physical change in the bones composition. The bone becomes pure carbon before it is used in a refinery. Refined sugar does not contain any bone particles and is therefor kosher cerified. The bone char simply removes impurities from the sugar, but does not become part of the sugar.

6. Two U.S. Producers of Cane Sugar claim not to use bone char Refined Sugar producers of Jack Frost Sugar, and Florida Crystal

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