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  • Boil 2 lb sugar in 12 1/2 fl oz water;
  • Add 2 tblsp liquid glucose or a pinch cream of tartar;
  • At 239°F pour onto dampened marble slab;
  • Work with scraper and wooden spatula until it 'turns' whit and firm;
  • Work small pieces in fingers until smooth;
  • Set aside under cloth to mellow for i hour.


Butter Fondant:

  • Add 1 oz unsalted butter as fondant is 'turning'.

Chocolate Fondant:

  • heat over steam:
    • 3 oz unsweetened chocolate and 1 tsp vanilla essence;
  • Add to fondant as it is 'turning'

Coconut Fondant:

  • Kneed 4 oz desicated coconut into fondant;
  • Add icing sugar to prevent sticking;
  • Divide into brazil nut sizes and flavour with a dash of essence of either:
    • Vanilla;
    • Rasberry;
    • Starwberry;
    • Violet;
    • Almond;
  • Use food colouring if desired.

Cream Fondant:

  • Place 1/2 lb butter fondant in double boiler;
  • Add essence of choice and stir constantly until melted;
  • Remove from heat and slowly add:
    • 4 tblsp double cream;
    • 8 oz icing sugar;
  • Kneed on marble slab until smooth;
  • Using icing sugar roll to 1/2" thick;
  • Cut into shapes and store overnight on waxed paper.

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