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Dahi (Yogurt)


Use a starter with the following: Lactobacillus acidolophilous, L. bulgaris, Streptococcus thermophilus.
  • For extra hick yougurt either mix and boil 1 gal. milk with 1 cup of non-fat-dry-milk powder;
  • or reduce 1 gal milk by 1/4;
  • Let it cool until one finger can be inserted without burning (112°F - 44°C);
  • Mix gently with 1 cup of good quality live yogurt or culture saved from previous batch of yogurt;
  • Cover and place undisturbed at 85°-110°F for 4-8 hours;
  • Refrigerate before whey collects on surface.

See also Shrikhand, Misthi Dahi,

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