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94 ~ Those Divine Players ~

She's so bright, everything shines around Her
He's dark and cunning trying to astound Her
She's clever too, She has Her charming glance
Both play this way, They're always fixed in romance
She leaves home saying She's going for Her Sun prayers
Only to find Her Beloved dressed up on those altar stairs
Frivolously charming His young Maid in loving playful fun
Under a Kadamba tree shaded from the midday sun
They sing and joke with Their friends 'till it's time to go
Separation is the hardest thing, They do it 'cause They know
Later They'll meet to dance with millions in the night
To dance in Rasa with their Priya Priyatam, O what a delight!
With dawn coming They again go through separation
Going home to be woken without Their association
Not too long before She comes to cook the morning meal
She finishes and hides, glances She gets to steal.
He notices that girl hiding, watching Him eat what She made
He bites making a sour face, giving His friend who's not afraid
Madhumangal eats Her sweet and ecstatically declares
"Perfection of life is eating anything She prepares!"
She leaves for home to prepare Her befornoon prayers
This is where we came in. All glories to those Divine Player

* * * * *

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