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7 ~ Wonderful Navadvipa ~ 

Sri Navadvipa Dham, such a wonderful place,
-------------------- People live simply and are full with grace.
Gaur Nitai are the Lords of this land,
-------------------- It's tropical and bountiful, with Ganga's white sand.
No criminal element here, it's family through and through,
-------------------- For Gaudiya Vaidsnavas this is home, it's true.

It's "Hare Krsna" and "Haribol" that fills the Bengal air,
-------------------- It's not sarcastic, but from the heart, here they really care.
The Lords have given an easy place to eat, live and play,
-------------------- With rice fields and exotic fruit, a great place to stay.
A Rainy season that floods the Dham really good and strong,
-------------------- Time now for Vrindavan Dham to think of Radha's song.

Just get Krsna conscious being freed from material desire,
-------------------- It's the goal, it's the life, I prey I will never tire!
Continue the process of our Sampradaya's claim,
-------------------- This land of Navadvipa, Gaura Nitai and the Holy Name.
Everything is here to reach that transcendental space,
-------------------- Sri Navadvipa Dham, such a wonderful place!

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