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6 ~ Nitai's Brother ~

Gaurachandra, Sri Caitanya Brother of Sri Nitai,
--------------------Giving the highest truth by tasting the bhava of Sri Rai.
In Gaurangadev - Radha Krsna, They become as one,
--------------------He's Krsna feeling Radha's love, beyond ecstatic fun!

Separation of this degree only the Lord can taste,
-------------------- He gave us Hari Nam a gift a shame to waste.
It's all life my friend to pass this ultimate test,
--------------------Until we are freed from Samsara, we can't afford to rest.

No hard and fast rules for chanting the names of the Lord,
--------------------If we have realized this then the name becomes a sword,
To cut the knots of bondage to this suffering material place,
-------------------- To feel spiritual separation is the specialty of Gaura's grace.

The highest and tastiest of all aspects of love,
--------------------Is the flavor Nitai gave from Goloka Dham above,
So take with greed the bounty of Prem that tears from His eye,
--------------------Gaurachandra Sri Caitanya, Brother of Sri Nitai!

--------------------Get absorbed in Hari Nam
-------------------- And please again Sri Radhe Syam!

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