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50 ~ It's getting Time ~

Just see how it's been many of a year
Unwillingly old age is already here
	Bones pop and back aches telling death is near
	Everything hackneyed, no reason to cheer
Take inventory of your life or face death in fear
Chant Hare Krsna, pay attention, make it clear
	Meditate on the Spiritual World while chanting the Name
	Think about Vraj Dham, Their pastimes and fame
There's a crafty thieving Boy everyone dies to see
He's the center of attention, just so lovable is He
	He imprisons devotees in His heart where they wanna be
	He's a prisoner too in our hearts who we embrace so ecstatically
He reciprocates with His devotees, playing that loving part
Get serious to devote our lives, never too late to start
	Not much time now, what else is there to do?
	Beg with faith and prayer 'cause he always comes through!

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