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47 ~ Wacha Gonna Do? ~

So many times I thought this is the end
	Everything gone down to the last friend
		No hope at times thinking what will I do now
	Always new beginnings from the past somehow
		Things going my way I begin to think I did it
Krsna is the One who will allow or forbid it
I don't know what's up or what's going down
	Illusioned being happy or think of Krsna with a frown
		George wrote a song, "The Art of Dying"
	We got the hint, but still not trying
		Still frolic and think this will be forever
Trying to control nature but Maya's more clever
Then why all the effort to make things nice
	Lose it all and die in fear, better think twice
		If even the slightest greed and lust still remains
	Back in Samsara 'til you're free of those stains
		Chant Hare Krsna always time to be saved
He gives mercy to even those who misbehaved
Chant brothers and sisters for it's never too late
	Or come back again to announce a new birthdate!

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