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38 ~ Anyone Good ~

How many people are doing any good?
			Hare Krsna movement, I suppose it should
		Giving sanctuary for the conditioned soul
	Give passage to the Spiritual World's the goal
This mission's purpose is pure and complete
			Everything is there to reach Their Lotus Feet
		Pure devotional service to the Devine Pair
	To follow strictly, always doing our share
Not so many of these kind, so Spiritually rare
			Neophytes and common folk, they can only stare
		So who's doing good among good people?
	Those saintly souls who appear meek and feeble
With Prem in their hearts, afire with Bhakti
			Those surrendered souls, they have the shakti
		Associate with them if you want to do some good
	Don't give the excuse "I'm busy otherwise I would"
There's always a reason to avoid the Truth
			They who are ruff, gruff and uncouth
		A lot of people think they're being good
	Knowledge they need, to know that they should
Connected to Radha Krsna, can you know what's good
			Everything leads to being misunderstood!

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