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30 ~ Daily Routine ~

Get up early to chant the Holy Name
	Start by 3, what an exciting game
		16 are done by Mangal Arti time
			Slow raga with dance in a prayerful rhyme
		To start a new16 more sure to be heard
	Pronouncing with devotion each and every word
Approaching Sri Tulsi to pray for Her love
	Think of Radhe Syam, no other thinking of
		Then to my room to read and rest
			To come out later to speak on the best
		Vraj Katha, paying respects, do a little service
	This sparks up the enthusiasts, makes others nervous
After 3 days and a change in attitude
	Train time now to meet others' gratitude
		It's a wonderful life, no worries or trouble
			Going to different places talking of that Couple
		What a life reminding others of the goal
	Sravanam Kirtanam satisfies the soul!

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