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26 ~ That Good Looking Boy ~

There's a Boy I know Who lives with all of you
 He's known by many yet there's only just a few
  His skin is dark like sapphires or like a rain cloud
   He's good looking and knows it. He's a little too proud
    His broad forehead with Tilak made of fine Chandan
     His father is King Nanda so He's Nandanandan
      His lotus eyes are always glancing around
       He's so beautiful the delight has no bound
        With an upturned nose and a pearl at the end
         He's none other than your very best friend
          Fish-like earrings that swing to and fro
           He's a great actor, the Hero of the show
            His cheeks are translucent, a cleft in His chin
             We can hear about Him over and over again
              His neck has three lines and looks like a shell
               He's so beautiful, it's beyond us to tell
                He has sloping shoulders and a big broad chest
                 Sometimes Radha will lay on it to get Her rest
                  He has armlets on strong arms, finger rings so fine
                   All made from gold and jewels, the best of their kind
                    On His chest He has Laxmi and Srivats so true
                     Kausthubha and locket with Radha's picture there too
                      His three folds on His belly, leaf-shaped with fine hairs
                       He's so beautiful, that you loose all of your cares
                        A graceful yellow cloth that extends to His heels
                         Being in love with Them, imagine how it feels!
                          His lotus feet with toenails like the full moon
                           Thinking like this makes me yearn to see Him soon!

* * * * *

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