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113 ~ Days Are Passing ~

Days are passing, are you ready to die?
	Not just yet, I have many reasons why
		I'm too young, I have my whole life ahead
			I'm too cool, we'll talk later instead
				I'm too busy, I have so much to do
					I'm too involved, I have to see it through
				I'm too worried about making it to success
			I'm too attached to having things in excess
		I'm happy with my job, house and wife
	When I'm old I'll think of the next life
I'm not afraid of dying, just make it another day
	Now I'm too old; "Huh, what did you say?"
		O God, now what? I'm coming to my last breath
			I'm not ready to face this move called death
				Save me Lord, even though I've been bad
					I never served You, I'm so ashamed and sad
				What to do with these last breaths of air
			Always denied God, now do I even dare?
		It's your only hope, He's your only Friend
	Get ready to die, for now it's the end
Chant Hare Krsna, wanting Their Lotus Feet
	Meditate happily on how you're going to meet
		This is being ready, but you have to prepare
			With knowledge you give up mundane care
				Finish with this world, now you know why
					Days are passing, are you ready to die?

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