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11 ~ Divine Pair ~

Loving devotion
to the Divine Couple
is the ultimate Human aim
Giving up
false ego
that rebels the Holy Name

Our real selves are part of the whole, it's just a matter of desire
We are truly fixed in reality when the thoughts of Radha never tire
--------------------In this world we are aching for relief
--------------------It's a matter of conviction, our faith, our belief.

Radha is always anxious in the thought for Her Sweet Sri Syam
The eternal affairs in the many kunjas of Sri Vrindavan Dham
--------------------All of the inhabitants and atmosphere is only for Their pleasure
--------------------An ocean of reciprocation, so deep, too hard to measure.

To you Radhika Madhava, I offer Pranams at Your lotus feet
In loving devotion, purity and faith, that one day, we will meet
--------------------Sri Nanda-nadana, The naughty boy of Vraj Dham
--------------------He plays tricks on the Gopis, They never feel any calm.

Always anxious to assist in pleasing the Divine Pair
Giving sweets, music, dance and art under Vrinda's care
--------------------The truth in life is reconnection with that supreme goal
--------------------Service to our true love is the nature of the soul.

Raisuhagini wonders about waiting to meet Sri Syam
Excited to sneak away to Nikunj of Sri Vrindavan Dham
--------------------Krsna is always in thought of His sweet Radharani
--------------------This is why the Gopis desire to please their Maharani

They ornament Her with jewels and fragrant oils so fine
--------------------This secret love affair of Theirs make these Gopis shine

Krsna Loves to enjoy,
That's His natural way
Life's goal is to be engaged
In that Spiritual play

So please, please pray,
that maybe some day
We can get Their merciful glance
and Golok Nikunj we stay!

* * * * *

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