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102 ~ A Day in the Life of Sri Radha ~

Here's how Sri Radhika spends Her day
She rises and does Her teeth Her own way
Sakhis come and massage with oils so fine
They bathe Her body that has a brilliant shine
The Sakhis clothe Her with loving sentiments
Then they decorate Her with gorgeous ornaments
We can assist these Gopis if we sincerely pray
Making tasty arrangements for Sri Radhika's day
Next, She goes with Her friends to Yasoda's house
Wearing a blue sari with a jewel embroidered blouse
She calls Her Sakhis and together they make haste
To cook for Krsna, she's blessed to make that taste
She and His mother serve with their hearts they feel
While Krsna enjoys pastimes as He takes His meal
She receives His remnants in utter delight
Sakhis then take Her remnants, O what a sight
Krsna goes with His friends to take out the cows
She and the Sakhis return to Her house
Her mother-in-law says it's time to prepare
For Her Sun worship She does with such care
Over an hour it takes to reach Surya Mandir
Placing the Puja items on a tray crystal clear
With Her Sakhis She goes to pick some flowers
She goes anticipating Krsna's Love showers
To Radha Kund for midday sports with That Boy
When Krsna arrives Her heart bubbles with joy
She sees Him enter a shady Kunja so cool
She offers pranams and a garland to Her Crowned Jewel
She smears Him with Chandan to cool Him from the heat
Her body is overwhelmed giving Her such a treat
They do funny pranks and swing together in bliss
Then for some water sports, the Gopis never miss
They go to a kunja for an amusing game of dice
Krsna gets defeated and now pays the price
Then a forest picnic where He eats all that's sweet
The Girls take His remnants, for them it's Their treat
After 3 hrs at Radha Kund, to Surya Kund They go
Playing, joking, with Lalita putting on a funny show
Taking an hour to walk, 24 minutes to pray
Radha and Her Sakhis head for home to stay
After arriving at Yavat, She bathes with the Sakhis in fun
Later They take the remnants from the offering to the Sun
After Prasad She goes to the roof of the house
To see Krsna pass by with His friends and the cows
Amrta Khanda, a sweet that Radharani cooks
Many sweets to get Krsna by these tasty hooks
She gives to Tulsi Manjari to deliver the sweet
Radha sits alone making a garland to reach His feet
The evening twilight comes as She grinds fresh Chandan
To smear on the beautiful body of Yasoda Nandan
This ends Sri Radhika's day as She now takes some rest
Night time Lilas will soon begin for another fun filled fest!

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