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1 ~ That Boy! ~

--------------------My eternal gratitude to our Srila Prabhupad
Giving a home with dance and songs of a loving God
-------------------- Hearing of God's kingdom, where the Lord is only a boy
Having a Mata and Pita and girlfriends who are full of joy
-------------------- Always making tasty arrangements for THAT BOY's pleasure they seek
This is a world of love and devotion given to the surrendered and the meek
-------------------- To be in such a world where everything is always fresh and new
A place where everything is based on love for THAT BOY so true
--------------------It's a place that's worth the price, for it's all and more than we desire
A pure, all enjoying, perfect and complete, a place where we never tire
-------------------- For it's filled with devotion and love for the Source of all that be
Fir the Gopis, Gopalas and pure devotees, it's THAT BOY, yes, only He!
-------------------- THAT BOY who is the supreme Lord in all places below and above
He is conquered by love and love alone - that is what Sri Radha's made of
-------------------- She loves THAT BOY so much so that THAT BOY is sold out to her heart
Their love binds Them so well together, it's hard to tell Them apart
-------------------- That is the real world with our real lovers, Jaya Sri Radha Syam!
While begging for this mercy, take up with this Hari Nam
-------------------- So beg dear sisters and brothers with all your heart and soul
To get this loving mercy and to be freed from death's toll
-------------------- It's how we get this mercy from this Boyish loving God
My eternal gratitude to our Srila Prabhupad!

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Jaya Sri Radhe!