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Father: - Surya
Brother: - Yamaraj
Husband: - One of Krsna's principle queens in Dwaraka as Kalindi.
Born from: Kåñëa's left shoulder (GS C2 txt 25)

The Yamuna, which is also called by the name "Kalindi" (daughter of Mount Kalinda ), enjoys pastimes in the northern and eastern terrace of the blissful land of Vraja. It is described in these words: When Krsna does not play His flute, the Yamuna flows with waters like melted sapphires. When Krsna does play His flute, the Yamuna, stunned in ecstasy, becomes like the land paved with sapphires. In these ways, as either water or land the Yamuna serves Lord Krsna.

The lotus flowers that grow in her waters are the eyes with which she gazes at Lord Krsna. Her whirlpools are the ears with which hears about Krsna. Her fish are the nose with which she smells the fragrance of Lord Krsna. Her waves are the arms with which she embraces Lord Krsna. Her swans and cranes are the mouth with which she glorifies Lord Krsna. Her waters are the servant with which she glorifies Lord Krsna. What kind of goddess is Yamuna devi, that she serves Lord Krsna in these ways?

Description of Yamunä's Arrival
(GS Canto 2 Ch 3
- Kälindy-ägamana-varëaëa)

Text 1
Çré Sannanda said: Ordered by Lord Kåñëa in Goloka, Yamunä, the best of rivers, circumambulated the Lord and was about to go (to the earth).

Text 2
Then the Virajä river and the spiritual Gaìgä river both entered the Yamunä.

Text 3
O king Nanda, for this reason the people know that the Yamunä is the greatest of rivers and the first queen of Lord Kåñëa.

Text 4
Then, with great force breaking through the current of the Virajä, the Yamunä left the gate of the transcendental forest grove.

Text 5
Touching countless universes, she came to the spiritual Gaìgä. With great force the great Yamunä river broke through the Gaìgä's waters.

Text 6
Then the Yamunä came to an opening Lord Vämana's left toe had made in the top of a universe, an opening through which the spiritual Gaìgä flowed.

Text 7
With Çré Gaìgä entering that opening, the Yamunä, the best of rivers, then came to the unconquerable Lord's abode of Vaikuëöha in the planet of Mahäräja Dhruva.

Text 8
Then the Yamunä came to Brahmaloka. Falling from Brahmä's planet, she went to the hundreds of planets of the demigods. She went from one planet to another.

Text 9
Then with great force she fell on Mount Sumeru. Flowing from its peaks, she broke the stones on its slope.

Text 10
Then, in order to go south from Mount Sumeru, Çré Yamunä left Çré Gaìgä's path.

Text 11
Then the Gaìgä went to Mount Himavat and the great river Yamunä went to Mount Kalinda.

Texts 12 and 13
Because she is thus Mount Kalinda's daughter, she is named Kälindé. Flowing from Mount Kalinda's peaks, and breaking the hard rocks on his slopes, the sacred Kälindé swiftly flowed on the earth, purifying the countries she passed. Then she entered the Khäëòava forest.

Text 14
Wishing to attain Lord Kåñëa, the Original Supreme Personality of Godhead, as her husband, the Kälindé assumed a splendid spiritual form and performed great austerities.

Text 15
Even today she stays in a water-house her father made for her. Then the Kälindé swiftly entered Vraja-maëòala.

Text 16
Then she flowed through Våndävana, beautiful Mathurä, and beautiful secluded Mahävana.

Text 17
As the very beautiful leader of many gopés, Çré Yamunä made her home in Çré Goloka to perform the räsa dance with Çré Kåñëacandra.   

Text 18
As she left Vraja she became overwhelmed by feelings of separation. Filled with tears of bliss and love, she turned west (and returned to Vraja).

Text 19
Then, bowing three times to Vraja-maëòala, she went to very holy Prayäga, purifying the countries she passed.

Text 20
When, flowing with Çré Gaìgä, she entered the Kñéra ocean, the demigods in heaven showered flowers and exclaimed  victory!"

Text 21
When dark Çré Yamunä, who was the best of rivers and the daughter of Mount Kalinda, entered the ocean, she spoke to Çré Gaìgä with words choked with emotion.

Text 22
Çré Yamunä said: O Gaìgä, you are fortunate. You purify all the universes. You were born from Lord Kåñëa's lotus foot. Everyone bows down before you alone.

Text 23
Now I will ascend to Lord Hari's abode. O beautiful one, you come also. There never was, nor will there ever be, anyone as glorious as you.

Text 24
Çré Gaìgä said: I, the Gaìgä, who contain all holy places, bow down before you. O auspicious one, please forgive any improper words I may have said.

Text 25
O dark Yamunä, you are the fortunate one. You purify all the universes. You were born from Lord Kåñëa's left shoulder. Your form is full of transcendental bliss.

Text 26
You are most perfect and complete. You are worshiped by all. You are dear to Çré Kåñëa, the great Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Text 27
O dark Yamunä, I bow down to you, the first queen of Lord Kåñëa. The holy places and demigods find it difficult to attain you. Even in Goloka it is difficult to attain you.

Text 28
By Lord Kåñëa's order I must go to Pätälaloka now. I am unhappy to leave you, but I cannot go with you.

Text 29
I will become a leader of many gopés in the räsa-dance circle in Çré Vraja. O beloved of Lord Hari, please forgive any improper words I may have said.

Text 30
Çré Sannanda said: Bowing down before each other, the two rivers then quickly went their respective ways. The heavenly Gaìgä went to Pätälaloka, purifying the planets as she passed.

Text 31
There she is named Bhogavaté, for she flows through the Bhogavaté forest. Lord Çeña and Lord Çiva carry her water on Their heads.

Text 32
Quickly traversing the seven oceans, the dark Yamunä quickly flowed through the world of seven islands.

Text 33
Then the Yamunä flowed to the golden land and then Mount Lokäloka where, flowing from its peaks, she broke the rocks on its slopes.

Text 34
Then she rose again to its peaks and, with a great stream of water, rose to Svargaloka in the heavenly worlds.

Text 35
She passed through the planets on the way to Brahmaloka and, meeting the Gaìgä at the opening in the universe, went to Lord Hari's abode.

Text 36
As the demigods showered flowers and bowed down to offer respects, Çré Yamunä, the best of rivers, returned to Çré Kåñëa's abode of Goloka.

Text 37
If a person in this world hears or reads this auspicious and ever-new pastime of Mount Kalinda's daughter Yamunä, he will attain great auspiciousness. If one regularly reads or remembers this pastime, he will attain the transcendental forest groves where the Supreme Lord enjoys His pastimes.


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