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Våndä Devé / Tulasé

Srimati vrinda devi

Gaura lila - Sri Mukunda dasa
Father: Candrabhanu
Mother: Phullara devi;
Husband: Mahipala;
Sister: Manjari devi;:
Pet parrots: Dakña (skillful) and Vicañaëa (wise).

Vrnda devi,

  • has a beautiful complexion the color of molten gold;
  • wears blue or red garments and is decorated with pearls and flowers;
  • her body becomes the Gandaki river;
  • her hairs are transformed into holy tulasi trees;

She is expert in making all tasteful arrangements for Rädhä and Kåñëa's amorous pastimes in the kuïjas of Våndävana. She is the predominating goddess of the Våndävana forest and her partial expansion is Tulasé devé Because of her order, the groves where Radha and Krsna perform Their pastimes appear very splendid, decorated with blossoming flowers, bumblebees, deer, and other auspicious animals, flowers, and birds.

Vrinda devi first appeared in Vrajabhumi to Rupa Gosvami. Known as Tulasi devi in the human society.

Excerpt from 'The Life of Tulasi:

Tulasi had fainted at the sudden wondrous appearance of Hari after he had fooled her into celebrating with Him by disguising Himself as her husband, Sankachuda.

"A few moments later she regained consciousness and said, "O Lord, you are like a stone! You are merciless! You violated my chastity by deception. And by this means you have killed my husband. O Lord, you are merciless! Yes, Your heart is like a stone. Therefore, I curse you to become a stone. Those who call you holy are doubtlessly wrong. Your devotee committed no offense and yet, for the sake of others, You killed him! Why?" Overpowered with grief and sadness, Tulasi cried loudly and repeatedly lamented.

Seeing her so upset, Narayana, who is an ocean of mercy, tried to console her according to dharmic rules. He said, "O exalted one, you performed austerities for a long time to get Me as your husband. And Sankhacuda also performed austerities for a long time to get you as his wife. By that austerity, he fulfilled his wish. It was then necessary for Me to fulfill your wish. For this reason, I did what I did. Now leave your earthly body and assume a spiritual body--and be married to Me. Be like Laksmi. Your body will become a famous river known as Gandaki, a virtuous, pure and transparent river in this holy land of India . Your hairs will be transformed into holy trees; and since the trees will be born of you, they will be known as Tulasi trees. All the residents of the three worlds will perform worship with the leaves and flowers of this tree. Thus, you, Tulasi, will reign as the best among trees and flowers."

Srimati Tulasi devi

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