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Gaura lila -


  • is one of the eight celebrated cowherds and Krsna's chief attendant;
  • cursed by Srimati Radharani to be born in India in a demon (danava) family as Sankhacuda;
  • is a jatismara, that is, to know the history of his previous birth;
  • Sankhacuda's bones were thrown into the sea and transformed into all the conches in the world;

"Lord Brahma replied, "O Tulasi, Sudama was a partial expansion of Krsna and was one of Krsna's cowherd boyfriends in Goloka. As a result of a curse by Radharani, he is presently living on earth among the Danavas (demons). His name is Sankhacuda. He is very energetic and no one can compare with him in strength. While living in Goloka, he was very attracted to you and wanted to marry you. But because he feared Radharani, he did not make any overtures. "Just as you are a jatismara--that is, one who knows her previous births--Sankhacuda also is. Remembering his past desire to be close to you, he has performed severe austerities to obtain you as his wife. I now wish to grant his desire. Therefore, O beautiful one, please agree to wed him." (Pancaratra - Tulasi devi, chapter 2)

"Out of compassion, Lord Siva tossed Sankhacuda's bones into the sea and these bones became transformed into all the conches in the world. They are always considered very holy and favorable in the worship of the demigods. The water in the conch is also considered very sacred and satisfying to the demigods--as sacred as the water in any holy river. It can be offered to all the demigods but not to Lord Siva. Wherever the conch is blown, Laksmi dwells there with great delight. If one bathes with the conch water, this is equivalent to bathing in all the holy rivers. Wherever the conch is placed, Lord Hari and Goddess Laksmi live there, and all inauspicious things disappear from that place." (Pancaratra - Tulasi devi, chapter 15)


Srimai Radharani

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