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Sri Krsna

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Gaura lila - Govinda Acarya / Sita devi
Initiated by: Narada muni
Father: Suratadeva
Mother: Candrakala
Husband: Prabala
Brother: Devaprastha
Son: Sandipani muni
Grandson: Madhumangala
Granddaughter: Nandimukhi


  • wears red or white garments and many jeweled ornaments;
  • is slightly tall in stature;
  • has a fair complexion like molten gold;
  • has hair the color of kasa flowers (white);
  • is discribed by Jiva Gosvami as an austere old lady.

The incarnation of the Lord's internal Yogamaya potency, she makes the arrangements for Radha and Krsna's pastimes to be properly performed. She is greatly respected by Nanda Maharaja and all the other residents of Vrajabhumi. She was the dear student of Devarsi Narada and on his advice she left her favorite son, Sandipani Muni, in Avantipura and came to Gokula, impelled by great love for her worshipable Lord Krsna.

Srimai Radharani

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