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Lord Nityänanda Prabhu

Krsna lila - Balaräma
Father: Häòäi Paëòita
Mother: Padmävaté
Wife: Srimati Jahnavi mata
Wife: Srimati Vasudha devi
Son: Virachandra

Lord Nityananda appeared as Lord Caitanya's principal associate for spreading the congregational chanting of the holy names of the Lord. He especially spread the holy name of the Lord throughout Bengal.

He was born in Ekacakrä in 1473 on the day of çukla-trayodaçé in the month of mägha (January-February)

During His marriage feast, Lord Nityananda saw Vasudha's sister Jahnavi serving out prasadam in her 4-armed form. He recognized her as his eternal potency, so He took her as His wife also.

Lord Nityananda incarnates as His plenary expansion Ananta Sesa. As Lord Sesa He transforms His body to become the garments, bracelets, and other ornaments worn by Lord Visnu and Lord Krsna. Expanding again as the pastime-potency, lila-sakti, Lord Sesa is aware of all the details of Lord Krsna's confidential pastimes.

(See Sri Caitanya-caritamrta, Adi-lila, chapter 5.)

Srimai Radharani

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