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Nanda Maharaja

Gaura lila - Jagannath Misra

Wife: Mother Yasoda;
Son: Krsna;
sandalwood complexion;
green garments;
beard colored like mixed rice and toasted sesame seeds.

The description of Nanda Mahäräja's bodily features is as follows. The hairs on his head are generally black, but some of them are gray. His garments are of greenish color, like the new-grown leaves of a banyan tree. His belly is fatty, his complexion is exactly like the full moon, and he has a beautiful mustache. When Kåñëa was a baby, one day He was walking in the courtyard, capturing the finger of His father, and because He could not walk steadily He appeared to be almost falling down. While Nanda Mahäräja was giving protection to His transcendental son in this way, all of a sudden there were drops of tears in his eyes, and he became overwhelmed with joy. Let us all offer our respectful obeisances unto the lotus feet of King Nanda! (NOD 43)

Srimai Radharani

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