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Gaura lila -

Father: Viçoka
Mother: Säradé-devi
Husband: Bhairava gopa (close friend of Govardhana gopa)
Home: Yavat
Age: 14 years 8 months 27 days old? / or twenty-seven
days older than Çrématé Rädhikä

Lalita devi,

  • is contrary and hot-tempered by nature (vama-prakhara);
  • has a complexion like the yellow pigment gorocana;
  • wears garments like peacock feathers;
  • has long beautiful, plaited hair;
  • personifies khandita bhava.

Of the eight Varistha (the most exalted) gopis, Lalita devi is the best. She is a dear friend of the Divine Couple and she is the eldest of Krsna's gopi friends.

She is the leader of the parama-preñöha-sakhés; she instructs and directs all the sakhés; she understands all the different moods of loving affairs; and she is expert in the tactics of union and separation in the matter of prema If by chance Kåñëa ever commits any offense toward Çré Rädhä Lalitä is quick to rebuke Him, raising her head in anger.

Lalita is famous as Srimati Radharani's constant companion and follower.

The 8 principal sakhis in Lalitäs group are:

Ratnarekha -Ratikalä - Subhadrä - Bhadra rekhikä - Sumukhé - Dhaniñöhä - Kala haàsé and Kaläpiné

Srimai Radharani

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