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Kuvera Pandit

Krsna lila - Kuvera
Son - Advaita Acarya

Lord Siva's friend Kuvera, the king of the Guhyakas, appeared in Lord Caitanya's pastimes as Kuvera Pandit.

Formerly, on Mount Kailasa , where the Siddhas and Sadhyas reside, Kuvera, who is very dear to Lord Siva, chanted the transcendental mantra containing the names of Lord Siva.

Merciful Lord Siva then said to Kuvera: "Please ask for some benediction. It is My desire to give you some gift." Kuvera then asked for a benediction, saying, "O my Lord, please become my son."

Requested in this way, Lord Sadasiva, the master of the demigods and the best of philanthropists, said to Kuvera: "During my next birth in the material world I shall accept the position of being your son."

In this way Kuvera attained a very difficult to attain benediction. When the appropriate time arrived, by Lord Sadasiva's mercy, Kuvera became the father of Lord Advaita Acarya.
(Sri Gaura-ganodesa-dipika - 81-85)


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