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A Mystic Physician

In order to prove the supreme position of Srimati Radharani, one day, Krsna appeared to suddenly fall ill. As He lay sick, He came in another form, disguised as a physician, and said:
"O Yasoda, I have heard that your boy has caught some disease. Is it true?
"Yes, yes, who are you?"
"I am a physician, a mystic physician and.I would like to see your son. What is His disease?"
"He fainted; perhaps He has a headache."
Then Krsna in the dress of the physician told Mother Yasoda, "This is a very serious disease. I want to cure Him. But I can only do so if I can have some water brought in a porous pot. Some water should be brought from the Yamuna in a pot that has many holes in it. Only a chaste lady can do this. A chaste girl must bring some water in a porous pot. With the help of that I shall give some medicine to this boy, and He will come to consciousness immediately."
Then Yasoda madly began to search Vrndavana for a chaste lady. Jatila and Kutila were Radharani's mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Because they naturally preached that there was doubt or suspicion about the chastity of the other girls among the gopis, they themselves were generally considered to be chaste. So Yasoda appealed to one of them, Jatila, first. "Take this porous pot and fetch some water from the Yamuna."
"How is it possible? To fetch water in a porous pot is impossible."
"No. The physician says that if one is really a chaste lady, then she can fetch water in a porous pot."
Jatila could not avoid the mad request of Yasoda. Her request was so intense that she had to go. But she could not fetch water from the Yamuna because there were so many holes in the pot. Then Kutila was requested to fetch water in the pot, but she dared not venture to try it, seeing the attempt of her mother. Still, Yasoda was so earnest in her request that Kutila also could not avoid the task. Yasoda couldn't tolerate for a second that her son was in such a condition. And so her request was so intense that Kutila had to go. But she could not fetch water either, because there were so many holes in the waterpot that the water just poured through.
They were astonished, thinking, "What can we do? Among all the girls in Vraja, not a single chaste girl is to be found? What a horrible thing!" So Krsna, in the garb of a physician, singled out Radharani, saying: "I think that She is a chaste lady. Request Her to fetch the water."
And at the request of Yasoda, Radharani could not avoid the task. She had to go fetch water, but She was thinking of Krsna: "If You come to My relief, then only it may be possible; otherwise it is impossible", She prayed. Radharani dipped the porous pot in the water as Krsna touched the pot from within the water. And Radharani with great suspicion took the pot from the water and in great wonder She said, "The water is there!" She had taken some of Her maids, the sakhis, Her chief friends, with Her, and they were all astounded to find that She drew the water from the Yamuna. The holes were there but still the water remained within the pot. So She brought the water to Yasoda and everyone was astounded. And that water with some fictitious medicine was given to the boy Krsna, and Krsna arose from His "unconscious" state.
This was a tactic by Krsna to show the position of Radharani, to show what chastity is. What is chastity? Ordinary "chastity" is not real chastity. Real purity, real chastity, is far above all relative considerations of chastity. And that is inconceivable, beyond our knowledge and reason, just as how a porous pot can contain water. It is a miracle.

Srimai Radharani

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