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A collection of Krsna's Pastimes



From the Sri Camatkara Candrika
(A Moonbeam of Sheer Astonishment) by
Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura

  • First Prank - The Meeting in a box:
    • Sri Krishna stealthily gets into a box of clothes and ornaments which Mother Yashoda wants to send to Sri Radhika as a gift. Abhimanyu, Radha's dull-witted husband, unknowingly carries the box to Her bedroom on Yasoda's request. Later, after the gopis gather around, the box is opened to the great amusement of Sri Radha and Her girlfriends.
  • Second Prank - Meeting in the disguise of Abhimanyu:
    • Sri Krishna, coming in the disguise of Radha's husband Abhimanyu, succeeds in deceiving Jatila, Radharani's senile mother-in-law. Thus He obtains Jatila's permission to sport with Sri Radha in Her own house, after having the real Abhimanyu chastised and driven away by Jatila and her foolish daughter Kutila
  • Third Prank - Meeting in the disguise of a female doctor:
    • Old Jatila is suspicious that her Daughter-in-law Radharani is somehow or other meeting secretly with Sri Krishna. Therefore she prohibits Sri Radha from going outside the house at all. With the help of Her girlfriend Visakha, Radha pretends to suffer from a deadly snakebite. Thereafter, Sri Krishna arrives in the disguise of Vidyavali, the daughter of Garga Rsi who is a doctor specializing in treatment of snakebites. Thus disguised as a young girl doctor, He manages to spend the night with Sri Radhika in the prankish art of curing Her.
  • Fourth Prank - Meeting in the disguise of a female singer:
    • Sri Krishna, coming in the disguise fo Kalavali, a girl singer, fails to propitiate the pouting huff of Radharani. Thereafter, He deceives old Jatila into the belief that He is a girl-cousin of Sri Radha. Thus, upon Jatila's strict order, the reluctant Sri Radha is obliged to accept His companionship for the night.
Srimai Radharani

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