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Udära magnanimous.
Uddhava a learned disciple of Båhaspati and confidential friend of Lord Kåñëa in Dvärakä.
Ugra-karma evil activities.
Ugrasena the king of the Yadu dynasty.
Ujjvala-nélamaëi a Sanskrit work that describes the complete science of [mädhurya-rasa,] the conjugal relationship with Lord Kåñëa. It was compiled by Çréla Rüpa Gosvämé in the sixteenth century.
Umä [See:] Durgä
Upadeçämåta a short Sanskrit work by Rüpa Gosvämé containing important instructions about devotional service to Lord Kåñëa.
Upädhis material designations.
Upananda the brother of Nanda Mahäräja and oldest and the most knowledgeable of the cowherd men of Gokula Våndävana.
Upaniñads 108 philosophical works that appear within the [Vedas].
Upäsanä-käëòa the portions of the [Vedas] dealing with ceremonies of worship, especially demigod worship.
Upäsya worshipable.
Upendra Vämanadeva, who appears as the younger brother of Indra.
Urugäya the Supreme Lord, who is worshiped by sublime prayers.
Urukrama the Supreme Lord, who takes large steps (especially as the dwarf-[brähmaëa] incarnation, Vämanadeva).
Urvaçé a woman from the heavenly planets who became enamored of King Purüravä.
Utkala the eldest son of Dhruva Mahäräja.
Uttama the brother of Dhruva Mahäraja.
Uttamaçloka the Supreme Lord, Kåñëa, who is worshiped by select poetry.
Uttänapäda the king who was a son of Sväyambhuva Manu and the father of Dhruva Mahäräja.

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