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Takñaka the flying snake who killed Parékñit Mahäräja.
Tamo-guëa the mode of ignorance.
Tantras Vedic literatures consisting mostly of dialogues between Lord Çiva and Durgä. They contain instructions on Deity worship and other aspects of spiritual practice.
Tapas [See:] Tapoloka.
Tapasvé one who performs severe penances and austerities.
Tapasya austerity; accepting some voluntary inconvenience for a higher purpose.
Tapoloka a heavenly planet.
Tärä the wife of Båhaspati. She was kidnapped by the moon-god.
Taöastha-çakti the living entities, who are the marginal potency of the Supreme Lord.
Tattva-darçé one who has seen the truth.
Tattvas the Absolute Truth's multifarious categories.
Öhäkura Haridäsa [See:] Haridäsa Öhäkura
Tilaka auspicious clay markings placed by devotees on the forehead and other parts of the body.
Tithis the days of the Vedic calendar, measured according to the phases of the moon.
Titikñä tolerance.
Trayé one who follows the three principal [Vedas] ([Åg, Säma] and [Yajur]), which explain fruitive activities.
Tretä-yuga the second age in the cycle of the four ages of the universe. It lasts 1,296,000 years.
Tri-daëòa a staff, made of three rods, carried by [sannyäsés] who are devotees of Lord Kåñëa, signifying service with mind, body and words.
Tridaëòi-sannyäsé a member of the renounced order of life who accepts the personal nature of the Absolute Truth.
Trivikrama Lord Vämana, the incarnation of the Supreme Lord who encompassed the three worlds in three steps.
Tåëävarta a whirlwind-shaped demon ho was sent by Kaàsa to kill Kåñëa, but whom Kåñëa killed instead.
Tulasé a sacred plant dear to Lord Kåñëa and worshiped by His devotees.

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