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Jaòa dull or material.
Jaòa Bharata Bharata Mahäräja in his final birth as the renounced [brähmaëa] who gave wonderful spiritual instruction to Mahäräja Rahügaëa.
Jagad-éça the Supreme Lord, who is the proprietor of all the universes.
Jagäi and Mädhäi two great debauchees whom Lord Nityänanda converted into Vaiñëavas.
Jagannätha the Supreme Lord, who is Lord of the universe; the particular Deity form of that Lord at Puré, Orissa.
Jagat the material universe.
Jaimini an atheistic philosopher who advocated material work as the purpose of life.
Jämbavaté the daughter of Jämbavän. She is one of the eight principal queens of Lord Kåñëa.
Janaka Mahäräja the father of Sétä-devé, consort of Lord Rämacandra.
Janaloka a heavenly planet.
Janamejaya Mahäräja the son of King Parékñit.
Janärdana the Supreme Lord, the original abode of all living beings.
Janas [See:] Janaloka.
Janmäñöamé the celebration of Lord Kåñëa's appearance in the material world.
Japa the soft recitation of the Lord's holy names as a private meditation.
Jarä old age.
Jäta-karma a purificatory ceremony performed at the birth of a child.
Jaya an exclamation meaning "äll victory to you!" or "äll glories to you!"
Jaya and Vijaya two doorkeepers of Vaikuëöha who were cursed for offending the four Kumära Åñis but who attained liberation after three births as demons.
Jayadeva Gosvämé a great Vaiñëava poet who wrote [Géta-govinda].
Jäyanteyas nine great sages, sons of King Bharata, who were also known as the nine Yogendras.
Jitendriya one who has conquered his senses.
Jéva (jévätmä) the living entity, who is an eternal individual soul, part and parcel of the Supreme Lord.
Jéva Gosvämé one of the six Vaiñëava spiritual masters who directly followed Lord Caitanya Mahäprabhu and systematically present ed His teachings.
Jévan-mukta a person who is liberated even while living in his present body.
Jéva-tattva the living entities, atomic parts of the Supreme Lord.
Jïäna transcendental knowledge.
Jïäna-käëòa the portions of the [Vedas] containing knowledge of Brahman, or spirit.
Jïäna-yoga the path of spiritual realization through a speculative philosophical search for truth.
Jïäné one who cultivates knowledge by empirical speculation.
Jyotiù-çästra the Vedic science of astronomy.

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