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Ikñväku the son of Manu who was king of the earth in ancient times and to whom Manu spoke [Bhagavad-gétä].
Ilävåta-varña the original name of this earth planet, before it became known as Bhärata-varña.
Indra the chief of the administrative demigods, king of the heavenly planets and presiding deity of rain.
Indraloka the planet of Indra.
Éça the Supreme Lord, who is the supreme controller.
Éçitva in mystic [yoga,] the perfection of control over others.
ISKCON the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.
Éçopaniñad one of the principal [Upaniñads.]
Iñöä the performance of public welfare activities such as digging wells or planting trees.
Éçvara the Supreme Lord, who is the supreme controller.
Itihäsa a historical account.

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